An advanced simulation solution 
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CyberRange is an advanced simulation solution that allows you to easily model IT/OT systems composed of tens or hundreds of machines and simulate realistic scenarios including real cyber attacks.

Our Head of Engineering, Eric Chambareau, introduces the CyberRange
what it is, why it was developed and who it’s for:


Integration and simulation platform

CyberRange is used by administrators, integrators, testers, trainers and more to design virtualised or hybrid networks, emulate unit activities such as communications between two machines or to launch complex scenarios reproducing a realistic activity (file exchange, email, web traffic and potentially real cyber attacks).

The CyberRange is available in a mobile box, in a bay or accessible from a cloud.

Main functionalities

  • Modelling of real or representative systems
  • Simplified construction from the graphical interface (drag-and-drop of machines)
  • Management of multiple and isolated workspaces
  • Collaborative modelling and integration work
  • Integration of equipment or real systems
  • Live traffic generator
  • Scenario engine
  • Import and/or export capacity of machines or topologies
  • Access to the screen offset or command line at each machine
  • Management of the virtual machine park

Using the CyberRange

The CyberRange is a unified technical platform on which your teams can work together or share elements – such as machine models or scenarios.

In order to meet the constraints of a complex environment, the platform is open to interface with external equipment such as a physical industrial control system, a hardware traffic generator or a real physical or virtual system.

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Pre-production Tests

  • Easy access to an integration platform
  • Collaborative work in isolated or shared environments
  • Testing new safety equipment and procedures in a realistic environment

Operational Qualification

  • Assessment of the impact of new equipment on a system
  • Study of rule integration or the implementation of new procedures
  • Analysis of cyber attack behaviour on its infrastructure without taking any risks


  • Awareness training for all staff and training on cyber security best practices
  • Development of skills of cyber teams or knowledge retention to face new threats


  • Training of teams as part of operational exercises close to their daily environment
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of its security system as part of a cyber crisis management exercise involving technical and managerial teams

Your benefits

  • Realistic Simulation: Immersion in complete IT/OT systems and animation with a complex scenario framework
  • Capacity: Possibility to create complex systems composed of tens or hundreds of virtual machines or containers
  • Productivity: Save time on configuration and integration to focus your business objectives
  • Agility: Work alone or in a team in the same workspace or in parallel in different spaces
  • Safety: Perform operations in an environment isolated from production systems
  • Scalability: Possibility to complete the hardware configuration to increase the capacity of the CyberRange platform
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