Remote working audits: Are you certain your remote workforce isn’t a threat?

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Following nearly two years of widely enforced remote working (which may be set to continue in the future), now may be a good time to check whether your extended remote working environment represents a possible threat to your organisation.

We have indeed witnessed an explosion of cyber crime during this period – from brute force attacks on remote control tools, to phishing emails and other tool vulnerabilities used to access corporate networks.

How we can help

Airbus CyberSecurity has developed a Service Package that provides a comprehensive security analysis of your working environment.

This service ensures that your organisation is able to maintain or reattain a required level of cyber security while supporting a remote work force. At the same time., it assists with the secure integration of remote working services.


Once the security posture has been evaluated and established, our consultants will perform an audit of:

  • The services deployed for remote working: access, communication and data sharing services
  • The data that your organisation is possibly hosting on external services or work stations
  • The operational security indicator levels with respect to your organisation’s objectives

Our consultants will then propose adaptations to your crisis management plan and your security governance – helping to reflect the changes generated by a remote work force.


Fig. 1: Our audit methodology is based around five pillars and focused on remote working

During five workshops, our consultants will collect the information they need using guidelines or pre-established questionnaires. The workshops involve the main stakeholders of your organisation:

  • CISO
  • CIO
  • Management
  • Business area owner
  • Data protection officer
  • Operational security representatives
  • Risk managers

Our consultants will also analyse the infrastructure deployed for remote working – and formulate technical and organisational recommendations.

Deliverables include: security assessment, roadmaps, action plans, risk analysis and lessons learned.


  • Clean and check operations roadmap
  • Secure work “as normal”
  • Leverage possible crisis lessons learned
  • Commit to security continuous improvement
  • Gain agility and readiness in crisis management

What are the key drivers for the proposed service?

  • Assessment conduced quickly with no need for downtime
  • Up to five sequential workshops run by security specialists
    • Workshop 1: Security baseline
    • Workshop 2: Technical resource modification and governance adaptation
    • Workshop 3: Data control
    • Workshop 4: Operational security sanity check
    • Workshop 5: Crisis management maturity
  • Workshops can be conducted at your premises, on-site at Airbus CyberSecurity or remotely

Our Comprehensive Security for Remote Working service is proposed in three different formats: Focus, Standard and Premium; to best suit your particular scope and needs for the business areas that you want to secure.

Focus Package Standard Package Premium Package
12 days with one consultant 22 days with one consultant 42 days with two consultants
4 workshops
(workshop 2 and 3 merged)
5 workshops 5 workshops
Covers up to 2 business areas Covers up to 5 business areas Covers up to 10 business areas
  Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Crisis and Incident Response Expert support Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Crisis and Incident Response Expert support


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