Network & Connect – Pentesting and Digital Forensics

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Back by popular demand, ‘Network & Connect’ is here for a sixth edition. In this edition we will give you insights into Pentesting and Digital Forensics. Join us on 21st September 2021 at 5pm CET and meet our two cyber security experts Armand and Michael virtually.

Penetration Testing and fun use-cases

Armand Daraei, Senior Penetration Tester

The perfect security will never exist, but we can attempt it. Like firefighters, it is better to know how a fire is started to understand how to extinguish it.  So to secure ourselves, it is good to look at the other side of the force: Penetration Testing.
A Penetration Tester is an offensive professional, seeking security vulnerabilities before an application becomes considered “secure”.
In this presentation, we will go through use-cases from real-life penetration testing scenarios.

Digital Forensics

Dr. Michael Denzel, Competence Lead Incident Response

Digital Forensics tries to find evidence on a computer system in order to reconstruct what happened in the past. The goal is to construct a timeline of events. In this talk we will have a look at the process from acquisition of data to analysis and (court-approved) reporting. At the end we will take a glimpse at how to do this at (large) company scale with live forensics.

*The number of places is limited, and allocation is subject to the approval of the organiser. Register now to avoid disappointment. 

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