Tactical SOC

A mobile SOC solution for advanced cyber defence

Defence organisations must be prepared to detect, investigate and react to cyber attacks on all terrains. This is precisely what Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ tactical SOC solution delivers.

It improves the robustness and durability of your systems – whether deployed during operational exercises, on the battlefield, or beyond.

Our methodology

Introducing our third generation tactical SOC system. Based on risk analysis of specific military requirements and new security policies that comply with military standards, it includes the following performance and security features:

  • Sophisticated detection and investigation capabilities through the analysis of supervised system logs and sensors
  • Advanced network decryption, detection and investigation through probes
  • Extraction and analysis of files using Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ proprietary Orion Malware tool
  • A “business view” dashboard that presents and prioritises incidents, enabling centralised supervision
  • Incident response planning through Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ Cymerius® solution
  • Seamless identity and access management with Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ CymID solution
  • Integrated threat intelligence and indicator of compromise searches

Why Airbus Defence and Space Cyber?

  • We support you during the deployment of your tactical SOC, providing training courses and exercises that enable you to take ownership of the system
  • We have longstanding expertise as an architect and integrator of portable SOC and SOC-secure systems, with several contracts signed in the field of LID cyber defence – including with the French DGA
  • We’re the sovereign European choice, with decades of experience working with defence organisations in the UK, France and Germany
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