InCyber Forum (FIC) 2024

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The InCyber Forum (FIC) is Europe’s leading cyber security event – covering everything from privacy and digital identity, to risk management and operational security.

The Airbus Defence and Space Cyber team will be at FIC 2024 from 26 to 28 March 2024 at Lille Grand Palais, (France) on booth #C10. Come and meet us to hear how we’re helping our clients build their cyber resilience and watch our live product demos.


Technical demonstration:

Orion Malware V5: Dynamic visual analysis for SOC and CSIRT teams

Tuesday, March 26 11:50 am to 12:30 pm Jérôme Leseinne, Cybersecurity Developer

Orion Malware V5: Dynamic visual analysis for SOC and CSIRT teams

Our new version of the dynamic analysis report has been designed for SOC & CSIRT teams, with the aim of simplifying malware analysis and accelerating understanding of the threat. Behavioral graph, heuristics and technical facts matching, advanced filters & searches, here are just a few of the new products we’ll be showcasing at this 100% demo session.

European Cyber Cup

Wednesday, March 27 to Thursday, March 28 – 9 am to 5:00 pm

The EC2 is the first ethical hacking competition that pits engineering and cyber security students against esports security professionals. Who will be victorious? 

Join us to find out! Airbus Defence and Space Cyber is providing its gaming platform to manage teams, events and scoring. During the competition, we’ll also set up SpeedRun events, allowing teams to gain – or lose – extra points.

Orion Malware: Static and dynamic analysis of Microsoft Exchange attachments

From Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 March – 9:30 am & 3:00 pm – Booth Airbus C10
Eric Carles, IT Project Manager, Software Engineer

Orion Malware is a network file analysis platform designed to empower all security teams (SOC, CERT and CTI) by analysing files extracted from networks or submitted by users. Sorting techniques, static analysis and dynamic analysis are coupled to extract data on analysed files and qualify threats.

For example, Orion Malware can integrate into Microsoft Exchange messaging infrastructure to detect and neutralise malicious attachments.

This presentation will demonstrate Orion Malware’s ability to detect and block malware, such as ransomware received by email.
We will present the different configuration options as well as the logging and traceability aspects of the analysis system integrated with Microsoft Exchange.

PropheCy/MTLID: Orchestrating your hunting

From Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 March – 9:30 am & 3:00 pm – Booth Airbus C10

Olivier Gallais, Cyberdefense Design & Integration Team Leader

Our experts will illustrate the main phases of the attack and demonstrate how to orchestrate an automatic incident response that slows down and blocks attackers using our Tactical SOC.

A company is compromised by an APT-type attack (Lazarus group modus operandi). The SOC investigates via Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’s all-in-one SOC ecosystem and saves time in characterising the threat and its extent, thanks to orchestration via the PropheCy SOAR and integrated CTI solutions.

Don’t miss our realistic demonstrations on our booth C10!

CyberRange: Discover our Gaming platform using our CyberRange

From Tuesday, March 26 to Thursday, March 28 2024 – 9:30 am & 3:00 pm – Booth Airbus C10

Eric Chambareau, Engineering Director

Do you want an immersive experience for your users? CyberRange offers a gaming portal with designed ready-to-use realistic challenges to create instinctive skill path and self-driven practice for attendees. 

The Gaming Portal includes solo, team modes and performance reports. It offers an immersive experience through a unified interface with aesthetic graphics, scoring and live support. 

Come and test your cyber skills on our booth!

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