My Little Planet Challenge – small changes make a big difference!

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The My Little Planet Spring Challenge ran from 22 May through to 12 June 2023. Its aim is to raise ecological awareness and the welfare of our planet through team challenges between friends, family, colleagues or classmates.

With over 15,000 global participants, various environmental challenges were undertaken from recycling old items to saving water – all with the common objective of helping our planet and the environment.

Within Airbus Defence and Space Cyber, over 120+ colleagues from across the UK, France, Germany and Spain all took part in the challenge. In total, 11 teams took a proactive environmental approach to the challenge – reducing ecological footprints, developing skills on various environmental issues as well as identifying areas for improvement.

Five themes were proposed to interact with the climate: food, waste, biodiversity, recycling of objects and DIY. For example buy a food item with a short/expired shelf life, picking up litter, avoid buying items containing palm oil etc.

Each team competed against each other, collecting points on the different activities undertaken. This made the whole activity incredibly fun, motivating and highly competitive!

Over the 3 weeks, the impact of the actions of all participants was to save 123 million litres of water, to reduce 13.7 tonnes of waste and 132 tonnes of CO2 and to provide 17,660 hours of eco-responsible training.

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