Cassidian CyberSecurity presents innovative cyber defense offering at the 50th Paris Air Show

Innovative global cyber defense offering combining trusted security solutions and services with high-level human expertise.
Cassidian CyberSecurity supports governments, critical national infrastructures and industries
Cassidian CyberSecurity aims at becoming a European leader providing trusted high grade cyber security products and solutions

Cyber attacks today affect all sectors, especially those with high added value, including aeronautics. All organizations are threatened by the risk of intrusion into their systems by viruses or malwares; with these weapons, attackers can alter the data transmitted, steal confidential information or disrupt the activity of their target.
Given the growing number and diversity of cyber attacks, Cassidian CyberSecurity has been created to support governments, critical national infrastructures and industries in their daily fight against cyber threats. Cassidian CyberSecurity’s expert teams are based in France, the UK and Germany where they work closely with the respective government authorities in order to put in place dynamic solutions needed to detect and combat these threats.
Cassidian CyberSecurity has developed a comprehensive approach. Combining high-level human expertise with innovative security solutions and services to effectively combat the attacks, this approach comprises seven steps ranging from awareness raising to post-recovery remote-monitoring.
On the occasion of Paris Air Show, Cassidian CyberSecurity presents these tools, in particular Cymerius®, which is a key component of real-time supervision of the most sensitive networks, providing the operators with a detailed reaction plan.

Jean-Micel Orozco, CEO of Cassidian CyberSecurity declares: “Paris Air show is a major opportunity to present our cyber security competences. Cassidian CyberSecurity aims at becoming a European leader providing high grade trusted cyber security products and solutions to its customers”

To achieve this goal, the company relies on an ambitious growth strategy. On 29 April, Cassidian CyberSecurity announced the acquisition of Arkoon Network Security, one of the key players in network security, information systems protection and data confidentiality. Six months after the acquisition of Netasq, this buyout is an additional step in Cassidian CyberSecurity’s growth.


Cassidian, the defence division of EADS, is a worldwide leader in defence and security solutions. The company delivers advanced defence systems along the whole action chain from sensors through command & control systems to combat aircraft and unmanned air systems. In the area of security, Cassidian provides customers worldwide with border surveillance systems, cyber security solutions and secure communications. In 2012, Cassidian – with around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of € 5.7 billion.
CASSIDIAN – Defending World Security

About Cassidian CyberSecurity

Cassidian CyberSecurity is a 100% Cassidian company entirely devoted to addressing the cyber security market across Europe and the Middle-East, operating from France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Cassidian CyberSecurity’s high-grade expertise includes “Cyber Defence & Professional Services” focusing on high-grade professional services and establishing Security Operation Centres; “Trusted infrastructure” aiming at cryptography, digital identity management and high-security national solutions, and “Secure Mobility”, focused on services for mobile device security. To reinforce its solutions and establish a European cluster for cyber-security products and services, Cassidian CyberSecurity took over Netasq in 2012 and of Arkoon Network Security in 2013. Cassidian CyberSecurity generated revenues of 80 million euros in 2012, with a workforce of 600 people, which it plans to double by 2017.

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