New EU Cyber Company Database coming soon

If only I could quickly identify some truly European cyber companies for my project without spending days of research to do so.

1: European companies by cyber function

Well, that will soon be possible thanks to a searchable database elaborated by the Airbus CyberSecurity and Atos Consortium.

550 companies, ranging from SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to large enterprises have been researched and documented by the Consortium (and that is excluding micro companies of 9 or less staff and under 1mEUR og revenue).

It is of course already possible to search through many sponsored resources that can be found on the WEB. What you will find in each case is a subset of cyber companies within Europe or within several European nations, but those are selective and quite incomplete on one hand while also including non-European companies on the other. ECSO and EU JRC have also invested time into this and have succeeded in building good databases.

The Consortium has not ignored these existing resources. Instead we have used them as good references, filtered the lists for European companies and then built on the list, utilising our own sources and a good deal of research to check the companies one-by-one on your behalf – and ultimately to produce what we believe to be the most comprehensive database of its kind.

The database also shows some interesting aspects about our European cyber market, including the depth of coverage across the different cyber “functions” (1) and the distribution across the European nations.

The database does include UK companies. Partly because Brexit had not been finally concluded when we started, but also because there are quite a number of UK cyber companies that had built their business around GDPR or are now in the process of relocating in response to Brexit.

The data that is available already makes it possible to select or exclude countries, NIST categories and cyber functions in order to narrow the results to the desired level.

How do we propose to take this forward from here?

In September 2020 the Consortium proposed a concept where every three to four months the EU-Is would prioritise one deep dive area. For each chosen priority area we will use the database as a reference and conduct some additional research on your behalf in order to qualify the existing champions and innovative contenders. During this step we will need some help to better understand the desired use-cases – then we can perform deeper comparisons and analysis in order to ensure both objective and well-founded subjective ranking.

We will share the results with you and also propose an event for each of the selected organisations to present themselves, their portfolio and their innovation roadmaps. So, let’s work together towards those use cases that are most valuable to you!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Key Account Manager.

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