Recap on SP2 seminar series around CyberRange

Covid-19 is affecting all of our lives: both personal and professional. Many of us are missing out on direct interaction, particularly in areas of new and exciting technological interest.

Beyond providing services and products upon EU-I requests, the Consortium is supporting more tactical or strategic topics.

For this reason, we are happy to have been able to adapt and maintain the continuity of our activities around SP2 within the EU Cyber framework contact, by organising a series of virtual webinars.

The first series of webinars, the Deep Dive CyberRange Sessions held at the beginning of 2021, attracted over 120 participants in total. On the back of this success, we are now in the early stages of planning additional webinars, focusing on other areas of technological innovation of particular interest to European Institutions (EU-Is).

Then priority topics are selected by the EU-I themselves

What is CyberRange?

CyberRange is an advanced simulation solution that enables users to readily model IT/OT systems and simulate realistic scenarios, including cyber attacks.

The platform can be used to keep operational teams up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What was the aim of the Webinar?

Within the framework contract that Airbus Cybersecurity have with the EU-Is, this technological subject had been identified as a topic of interest for them.

The aim of the webinar series was to go in depth on each CyberRange from key identified vendors – ultimately helping to support acquisition decision process at the EU-I knowing better the context.

What do you mean by deep-dive?

The Deep Dive CyberRange Sessions were a series of webinars selected by core EU-Is and sponsored by Airbus Cybersecurity’s suppliers and partners: Airbus Cybersecurity, IBM Security, Range Force and Vector Synergy.

Each participating partner provided two separate sessions: firstly, a high-level presentation of the functionality of CyberRange, followed by an interactive deep dive session that provided hands-on experience with each CyberRange platform.

What are the key features of CyberRange?

Each session highlighted the key features associated with the specific CyberRange solution that was being demonstrated.

pastedGraphic.pngAirbus CyberSecurity developed CyberRange as a dedicated hardware platform that can be used to strengthen companies’ cyber resilience by improving the skills of IT security teams. The platform has the following key functionalities:

  • Powerful emulation capabilities with virtual and/or physical assets
  • Simulate realistic scenarios (e.g. real malware and vulnerabilities)
  • Flexible (available on premise of via the cloud) and scalable (64 work zones and 8,000 Vcomponents)
  • Develop team skills: security teams train together
  • Security product evaluation, integration environment

pastedGraphic_1.png RangeForce has built a scalable platform – RangeForce Battle Fortress CyberRange – to provide hands-on, measurable training for cyber security and IT operations professionals. The platform has the following key functionalities:

  • Fast and easy to deploy (cloud-based emulation)
  • Realistic scenarios and powerful emulation
  • Continuous training to address skills gaps and deficiencies
  • Refine incident response workflows, increase response speed and accuracy

pastedGraphic_2.png Vector Synergy has developed CDX CyberRange, with the following key benefits:

  • Practical skills training
  • Create complex training environment
  • Technical and professional support from CDeX specialists
  • Detailed reports showing the results after training

pastedGraphic_3.png IBM has built the IBM Security Command Center, which allows users to:

  • Deliver training around Europe on a mobile truck
  • Test business response to a cyber incident
  • Increase your cyber awareness and help defend your organisation
  • Enhance technical skills and integration of SIEM and incident response platform

What is the value for EU Institutions? 

Following the distribution of a feedback form, we are now in the process of consolidating the results to showcase how each CyberRange scores on a variety of criteria.

First feedback from one EU-I can be shared here : 

Screenshot 2021 05 31 at 14.38.22

The complete resulting graphs and analytics will be shared with EU-Is, as soon as all feedback has been received and consolidated. 

It should then serve to offer greater insights into how the solutions vary and compare, while at the same time offering constructive feedback to the participating vendors.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Key Account Manager.

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