Deceptive Security

HoneyPot – A deceptive security solution

Connected IT/OT defence systems are highly exposed to cyber-attacks, intrusion attempts and sophisticated malware. To combat these threats and enhance cyber resilience, it’s crucial for organisations to understand attackers’ methods, motivations and equipment.

Many are turning to deceptive security tools and HoneyPots. These enable them to investigate attackers, while preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information systems.

Our methodology

Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’s deceptive security services cover a wide variety of defence risks and scenarios. By combining digital decoys, traps and breadcrumbs, our experts will create a bespoke solution to enhance your organisation’s detection capabilities and boost its reaction speeds.

Each solution is built around three key pillars:


By directing the attacker to your decoys and HoneyPot


By alerting your SOC when intrusions and threats are detected


By collecting information on the attacker to adapt your future response

Our deceptive security services can be delivered on-premises through out CyberRange mobile platform, directly in your infrastructure, or via the cloud.


Using Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’s HoneyPot tool, defence organisations can create hyper-realistic decoy information systems for aircraft, satellites, UAV’s and other infrastructure.

HoneyPot slows down attackers, enabling organisations to prepare for a potential attack by alerting their Tactical SOC, and security teams to gather valuable intelligence. It relies on machine learning to continuously improve its capabilities, and bots to simulate system activity.

Why Airbus Defence and Space Cyber?

  • A sovereign European cyber security solutions provider
  • Unparalleled experience working with defence and government institutions on complex projects
  • Aerospace is in our DNA, with decades of experience protecting the systems of Airbus group
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