FIC 2020: All good things come in threes

Airbus Amossys
Sylvain Navers AI Talk
Airbus Silicom
Digital Shadows Partnership
Helene Hartmann Journey to OT Monitoring
HexpressoCTF Winners

Airbus CyberSecurity announced three different partnerships this week at the FIC trade show in France, one of the largest cyber gatherings in Europe, which took place in the city of Lille, France. On top of this, the Airbus CyberSecurity team won the highly renowned technical challenge of the FIC, the Hexpresso Capture the Flag, with an incredible leap from starting in an uncomfortable spot to actually winning the competition with three experts who never played together before.

The most important partnership announced this week brings Airbus CyberSecurity together with Amossys, a company based in Rennes with an excellent track-record for incident response services. The partnership will not only mean that Airbus CyberSecurity will complete its offering with the PRIS certified services of Amossys (PRIS is a certification for incident response providers delivered by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI)) but also involves innovation projects, notably the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyse the behaviour of digital users and predicting security events.
More broadly speaking, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the context of cybersecurity was widely addressed by our experts Sylvain Navers and Arife Bicar through live demonstrations and presentations showing how AI can complement other tools used by a SOC to detect malware, notably in scripts.

The second partnership concluded this week concerns Silicom and its subsidiary Seela, a unit dedicated to online training sessions. The partnership aims at further developing the use of our CyberRange training and simulation platform in order to provide excellent cloud services to end users looking for a flexible cyber training offering.

The third partnership announced at the FIC opens a completely new segment in our managed services offering by integrating the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution of Digital Shadows in our portfolio. The solution, called SearchLight, will help our customers to keep an eye on their digital risks across the open, deep, and dark web.

The Journey to Operational Technology (OT) Monitoring at Airbus was demonstrated by Hélène Hartmann, SOC Product Manager, together with Falk Lindner, ICS Architect at Airbus, during their presentation on Day 3. 
“Firewalls are not sufficient to protect a manufacturing environment” explained Helene Hartmann. “We implemented specific passive OT sensors and could see the added-value”.
She shared the stage with Falk Lindner, ICS Architect at Airbus: “You need to align the shopfloor with the SOC and the SOC with the shopfloor to put in place an effective protection of industrial assets.” he said during his talk.

Finally, right in the middle of all our discussions with old or new business partners, the FIC announced that our team won the CTF challenge! The FIC competition is one of the most renowned cyber competitions in France and we are very proud of this achievement. Congratulations to the team!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the FIC 2021!

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