Secure Gateways

Enabling secure data exchanges controlling information flows

Defence organisations must make every effort to secure their data, especially when it’s sensitive. This involves equipping themselves with a robust protection system that secures bi-directional data exchanges between allies, services, military and civilian systems, and organisations with differing levels of sensitivity.

This is what Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ secure gateway solutions offer. Depending on the interconnection scenarios, they perform structured or unstructured data filtering and security labelling, while guaranteeing the segregation of security domains – so you can be confident that your communications remain confidential.

secure gateways

Our methodology

To enable the safe exchange of data between distinct confidentiality levels, our secure gateway solutions include:

  • Modular architecture for the application of protected domain exchange policies
  • Security labelling
  • Filtering of exchanged data – format, syntax and semantics
  • Data safety analysis
  • Quarantine and sequestration
  • Security foundation and network interconnection between different confidentiality levels
    • Firewall, intrusion detection, diode
    • Counters, trusted display

Introducing the SEI Cross-Level Gateway

Developed by Airbus Defence and Space Cyber, the SEI Gateway controls the exchange of information between high and low domains for different classification levels. This cross-level gateway implements evaluated filters and trust visualisation, allowing security labelling and transfer authorisation.

Operational for several years, this technology is deployable in IT environments and in theatres of operation. It’s currently in use by the French armed forces and government, as well as Airbus Defence & Space.

SEI gateway

Why Airbus Defence and Space Cyber?

  • We have deep expertise in securing military and industrial data exchanges – based on our decades of experience protecting Airbus’ complex systems and networks
  • With teams entirely dedicated to innovation, we’re currently developing solutions for the control of exchanges in multi-cloud combat infrastructures – ensuring our customers maintain cyber resilience
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