Operational Support

Ensuring your systems remain safe and operational

Minimising downtime of your cyber security systems is an essential part of protecting your defence organisation against potential threats. Our operational support, training and assistance services ensure you’re never caught off-guard.

Our methodology

Our operational support portfolio is designed to help you maintain permanent safe and operational conditions. It includes:

  • Life system support – Connected systems and moving platforms in the defence sector often have extremely long lifecycles. Life system support ensures your cyber security measures don’t become obsolete
  • Maintenance, repair and operations – By correctly maintaining and updating your systems, you’ll minimise costly downtime, increase the efficiency of your operations and ultimately improve your organisation’s overall security posture
  • Training – During a successful breach, your staff’s level of cyber security training and awareness can be the difference between an unfortunate outcome and a catastrophic one. Ensure they stay prepared with regular training opportunities

Why Airbus Defence and Space Cyber?

  • Our Airbus DNA and unparalleled experience securing both defence and industrial systems make us a truly strategic cyber security partner
  • We always take the time to understand your organisation inside-out, ensuring our operational support, training and assistance services are tailored to your specific needs
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