A seamless identity access management solution

As your organisation’s digital footprint grows, so does the number of applications and devices used by employees. In turn, individually managing countless IT profiles and passwords has become a burden for many IT teams. It’s no surprise then, that poor identity and access management is an increasingly common – and avoidable – cause of successful breaches and intrusions.

The answer? CymID, our seamless identity access management (IAM) solution. CymID enables employees to connect securely to applications and systems using a single set of credentials, enhancing the user experience and ultimately minimising the risk of security breaches.

How does CymID protect users and organisations?

  • Designed with embedded systems and platform security in mind
  • Secure on-site deployment by Airbus Defence and Space Cyber teams, trusted by Airbus Group, governments, EU institutions and critical industries
  • Fast, easy integration with your organisation’s existing IAM functions
  • A highly scalable solution (10-1000 users) tailored for small and medium sized organisations
  • Reduced implementation time, compared to similar IAM and SSO solutions
  • Low implementation costs with progressive pricing
  • Minimal human capital required for set-up
  • Intuitive handling for both users and administrators

The details

CymID includes a complete range of IAM, provisioning, SSO, strong authentication and centralised access management features:

  • Centrally manage users, passwords, applications, services and servers
  • Assign and manage access rights and job profiles
  • Synchronise with third-party directories and applications, including Active Directory and FreeIPA
  • Utilise preconfigured authentication types
  • Interface with third party authentication systems using identity federation support
  • Take advantage of SSO support on web and Windows applications
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