Platform Security

Combining platform architecture and cyber security to secure aerospace systems.

The scale and complexity of embedded computer systems in aircraft, satellites and other aeronautical and space platforms continues to skyrocket.

Growing convergence between IT and OT, as well as the long lifecycles involved, lead to increased cyber risks, including the possibility of successful cyber-attacks. As such, it’s crucial to consider cyber security at each stage of the platform design process. This is where we can help.

Our methodology

With a unique “Security by Design” approach, our expert teams can address fundamental design issues and find new ways of protecting against the most dangerous cyber-attacks. Our approach combines traditional technical vulnerability assessments with a strong human-centric focus.

We have a continuous improvement ethos, that includes design and development, architecture and integration, commissioning and maintenance, and safe decommissioning.

our methodology graphic

We are the trusted platform security provider of Airbus Group, and many European defence organisations, thanks to our:

  • Extensive knowledge of both platform architecture and cyber security
  • Experience protecting a wide range of mobile systems
  • End-to-end integration capabilities for IT and OT cyber security
  • Decades of expertise, with unique experience of platform security and embedded systems

Why entrust Airbus Defence and Space Cyber with your space project?

  • A track record of protecting space-based navigation and communications systems, and Earth-observation satellites
  • A focus on innovation, including research around quantum computing, and experience working on the security of mega-constellations in low-Earth orbit (LEO)
  • Strong knowledge of new security challenges in satellite communication, including in-orbit reconfiguration, space-based software-defined radios and user ground segments
  • Extensive experience of securing missions for an extended scope, including for military customers and dual-use missions

Why entrust Airbus Defence and Space Cyber with your aeronautics project?

  • With a heritage of protecting Airbus Group, we understand both the cyber security of new platforms and how to improve the digital security of legacy aircraft
  • Involved in major military programmes, such as the Future Combat Aircraft System and multi role platforms
  • Deep knowledge of the cyber security of mission systems
  • A track record of developing airborne gateways and ad-hoc networking solutions for platforms
  • Experienced in developing air traffic management solutions for UAS and on-board cyber defence sensors
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