Endpoint and Server Security

Architecture and integration services to ensure all your endpoints remain secure

The number of connected devices in your defence organisation has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the adoption of cloud technologies and increased IT/OT convergence.

As the number of endpoints increases, so does the importance of endpoint and server security. Each one can serve as a potential entry point for attackers. Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ endpoint and server security solutions provide the very first layer of protection.

Our methodology

Our endpoint and server security solutions are designed for military, defence and government organisations. Covering all devices and servers – including mobile devices – they include:

  • Proprietary system virtualisation infrastructure
  • A modular set of protection solutions
  • Hardened operating systems, with in-built compartmentalisation

We’ll guide you through every step of the process, including:

  • Secure architecture design – we can help you design endpoint and server security into the front end of your infrastructure or platform
  • Full security design assurance – including advice on facility design, cyberphysical security integration and obtaining relevant security accreditation
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments and pentesting exercises to identify any open vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Determining which server and endpoint security solution best suits your organisation’s specific needs, and supporting you to implement your chosen solution

Why Airbus Defence and Space Cyber?

  • Thanks to our Airbus DNA, we have extensive knowledge of securing moving platforms and protecting a wide range of mobile systems
  • We’re a sovereign European cyber security solutions provider, with on-the-ground presence in France, Germany, the UK and Spain
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