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In an environment of growing international tensions, sovereign nations are under constant bombardment from cyber-attackers. In recent years, their sophistication, stealth and resources have increased exponentially – facilitated by the emergence of new technologies like AI attack tools.

The situation has been exacerbated by increased connectivity and IT/OT convergence, leaving highly connected defence organisations with a much larger potential attack footprint. In response, they must remain vigilant, and keep innovating to stay one step ahead of potential attackers.

How can Airbus Defence and Space Cyber support your organisation?

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As one of the most advanced sovereign European cyber security players, with an in-country presence in France, Germany, UK and Spain, our teams are at the cutting-edge of cyber security innovation. As well as decades of experience protecting the systems and networks of Airbus Defence and Space, we have delivered numerous complex defence projects in the most demanding environments. To support our internal teams, we work with many academic, commercial and government partners.

Many of our 450+ cyber professionals are former defence and security services personnel – with the expertise and security clearance necessary to be true strategic partners. We design, develop, integrate and deploy tailored military grade services and solutions, as well as providing operational support and training.

Learn more about our solutions below.

Design, Develop, Integrate and Deploy

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Security Accreditation Process

End-to-end security accreditation support, including strategy, documentation, risk analysis and modular protection solutions

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Architecture and Integration

Dedicated platform security architecture and secure integration teams for endpoint and server security

Secure Gateways

Network Security

High grade encryption: A new generation of encryption devices at the forefront of cryptographic technology

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An identity and access management solution, designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, including embedded systems and platform security

About Airbus Cybersecurity

Tactical SOC

Security operations centre solutions with monitoring capabilities for advanced cyber defence, including mobile assets

Operational Support and Training

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Simulation and Training

Cyber security education, operational training and exercises, including advanced training and simulation via the CyberRange platform

Operational Support for Defence

Security Maintenance and Operational Support

Ensure permanent safety with operational support, including LSS and MRO

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