CyberRange: advanced simulation and training solution

Simulate complex scenarios in a realistic environment

A unique solution to train your teams against cyber threats

Cyber threats are increasing and we need to be prepared to face them. Our unique simulation solution gives you the opportunity to train in a replicate environment, playing realistic scenarios and fighting real cyber attacks. We also offer a gaming interface to meet a wide range of public.

How can our CyberRange help you to protect your organisation from cyber menaces?

Watch the short introduction by our Head of Engineering in the video below.

An advanced simulation platform tailored for your needs

  • Build complex virtual and physical systems close to your working environment
  • Replicate activities representative of your operations and conduct penetration tests in an isolated environment
  • Simulate realistic scenarios, without delay (plug & play) and in collaborative mode, including real cyberattacks
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Key Benefits:

A simulation platform to meet all your training, testing, and integrating needs

  • Increased Security: Train your teams and test integration changes in realistic IT/OT systems
  • Collaboration: Join the CyberRange community and contribute to the library of existing bundles
  • Agility: Work alone or in a team in the same workspace or in parallel in different spaces
  • Safety: Perform operations in an environment isolated from production systems

CyberRange, an agile environment designed for everyone

The CyberRange is designed for a wide range of users:

  • Inexperienced users: Train and practice on realistic cyber scenarios (also available through a gaming interface)
  • Integrators: Design virtualised or hybrid networks to test and integrate IT/OT infrastructures
  • Trainers: Define and orchestrate collaborative training courses (including multi-site and gaming interface)
  • Experts: Build complex scenarios, reproducing realistic activity and real cyber attacks, to train or test responses

The Airbus CyberRange is one of the most well executed pieces of infrastructure I have ever seen

Mark Howell, Managing Director Europe of Attivo Networks

Key Features:

Pre-production testing

  • Easy access to an integration platform
  • Work collaboratively in isolated or shared environments
  • Test new equipment and safety procedures in a realistic environment

Formation and Gaming

  • Raise the awareness of all your staff and train them in correct cybersecurity practices by setting up gamified challenges
  • Increase the skills of your cyber teams or keep their knowledge up to date in order to deal with new threats

Operational Qualification

  • Evaluate the impact of new equipment integration, new rules or security patches on a system
  • Analyse the behaviour of cyberattacks on your infrastructure without taking risks


  • Train your teams in operational exercises close to their daily environment
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your security system in the context of a cyber crisis management exercise involving technical teams


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  • Design real and representative IT and OT systems
  • Integration through existing equipment or from your own system
  • Light client accessible from a web browser
  • Configuration management of your component library


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  • Creation and orchestration of complex scenarios replicating realistic actions
  • A comprehensive library of actions to configure (tests, life generators, cyberattacks)
  • Hybrid modeling by coupling physical and virtual systems
  • Includes ready-to-use IT and OT libraries and scenario examples


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  • Multi-site collaborative teamwork, gaming interface available
  • Management of multiple and isolated workspaces, with access rights per user
  • Resource sharing (VMs, topologies, scenarios) through a unique Community portal
  • Ability to chat with connected people

Our CyberRange received the France Cybersecurity 2021 label that highlights cyber excellence.

CyberRange received the gold medal as a “Large-Scale Project” and the silver medal as an “Innovative Solution”
for its gaming module from Republik Sécu

Multiple access available

The CyberRange is available as:

  • SaaS
  • OnPremise
  • Mobile box

We can provide additional services on infrastructure construction, scenarios and cyber security training.

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