Protecting companies from cyber threats 

Cyber security products and solutions for commercial businesses 

Companies are increasingly prone to cyber threats, and these can take many forms such as ransomware, cyber-attacks and file-based attacks. We protect your business by offering cutting-edge cyber security solutions.

To address the protean increase in cyber threats, we bring the expertise of over 500 cyber experts and 30 years of experience to the Airbus Group.

We protect businesses from digital threats with proven cyber security solutions and products for the defence and aerospace industries.

Our products and solutions strengthen your cyber security: 

  • CyberRange is an integration and simulation platform that allows you to build complex virtual and physical systems to simulate realistic scenarios, including real cyber-attacks. 
  • Orion Malware detects known and unknown file-based attacks using a set of analysis engines combining heuristics, signature database, AI and dynamic analysis. 
  • PropheCy is a security orchestrator (SOAR) that enables you to visualise and understand cyber-attacks to help you protect your systems by automating responses. 

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