Supporting Defence and Security

Mitigating cyber risks throughout the entire mission lifecycle.

Supporting our defence and security forces is paramount, ensuring they can safely execute their missions. With threats becoming increasingly digital and more disruptive, the need to protect critical information and data has become a priority for all nations’ military forces.

One of the most important demands facing national and alliance defence forces today is achieving information superiority and effectively executing critical missions to ensure Nation’s safety and security – landairsea, space and cyber.

Situations are becoming more complex and the pace of operations continues to increase, meaning fast, adaptive and pragmatic systems, networks and platforms are required. These flexible and adaptable systems must be safeguarded to ensure the protection of critical missions.

To combat the growing cyber threats to our armed forces, we design, develop, integrate and deploy secure defence solutions that mitigate cyber risks throughout the entire defence lifecycle across all defence domains.

Our products and solutions help to defend military networkssecure platforms, ensure services and protect Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

We enable ships to sail, aircraft to fly and troops to communicate securely.

  • Tailor-made solutions with in-depth defence concepts
  • Integrated trusted security solutions for defence
  • Bespoke operational support and training

Our solutions include:

Key Benefits

  • Safeguard national sovereignty and security
  • Minimise risk of security breaches
  • Resilient architecture that ensures operational safety
  • NATO and National Key Distribution
  • Regulatory compliance with national requirements (NCSC, ANSSI, BSI)

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