Cyber Security for Aviation

Integrated security solutions for the skies  

The aviation sector is global by nature and is characterised by an extensive complexity and interconnectivity, which exposes this sector, both in the civil and military domains, to significant cyber security threats. Any security breach can severely impact safety, continuity of service, reputation and even the security of people and operations.

The aviation sector is undergoing a major digital transformation. Cloud connectivity, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with the integration of ITand OT systems are enabling safer flying and better operational performance.

But these new developments also increase the risk for system vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. For this reason, aerial security requires:

  • Strong security concepts
  • Resilient security system architecture
  • Security measures for network and cloud architectures
  •  More standardisation efforts regarding cybersecurity in aviation

Helping you secure the safety of aerial platforms

We have protected Airbus’ complex aerial platforms and systems for 30+ years. Our experts understand both the cyber security of new platforms and how to improve the digital security of legacy aircraft. This can be proven by our involvement in major European military programmes, such as the Future Combat Aircraft System (FCAS) and our experience in developing air traffic management solutions for UAS and on-board cyber defence sensors.

A system integrator for aerial security

We address the new security risks in aviation to ensure that aircraft, helicopters and UAVs are resilient against complex cyber threats. We design, develop, integrate and deploy tailored military grade services and solutions, as well as providing operational support and training.


Cyber risks need to be taken into account at every stage of the design phase to ensure systems remain as secure as possible during the very long lifecycle of a platform. For some military aircraft, the lifecycle is more than 20 years. With our security-by-design approach, our expert teams can address fundamental design issues and find new ways of protecting against the most sophisticated cyber-threats.

Information and IT security concepts

We create information and IT security concepts to assure a smooth accreditation process of security equipment and systems for our customers.

We provide cyber vulnerability investigations that aim to identify any vulnerabilities which could result in a cyber effect and an impact on delivery of a military air mission. The assessment incorporates traditional technical vulnerability assessment / penetration testing but also has a strong focus on human centric aspects looking at the security culture of the organisation.

Architecture & Integration

We integrate resilient systems with multi-level security based on a zero trust framework to protect networks and platforms from internal and external data breaches and cyber threats. During the integration phase our cyber security architects ensure that the implementation is based on the latest security standards.

Maintenance and Training

Our mission is your mission’s success. For this reason we offer in service support to maintain the resilience of your systems and networks. During the whole lifespan of the project or mission, our teams update the information and IT security concepts in place as well as software components  according to the latest security requirements and standards.

Cyber Security is a team effort. Our experts teach your teams and users to view security through a cyber lens.
We offer extensive training on the systems and networks. 

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Through a portfolio of sophisticated products and solutions, we – at Airbus Defense and Space Cyber – ensure the protection of highly sensitive data and complexe systems.

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