Ensuring the secure exchange of sensitive data

Secure Gateways to analyse and control information distribution

Defence organisations must make every effort to secure their data flows, especially when these are  sensitive. This involves equipping their platforms and missions with robust protection systems that secure bi-directional data exchanges between allies, services, military and civilian systems, and organisations with differing levels of sensitivity.

This is what our secure gateway solutions offer. Depending on the interconnection scenarios, the gateways perform structured or unstructured data filtering and security labelling, while guaranteeing the segregation of security domains – so you can be confident that your communications remain confidential.

What are the benefits of secure exchange gateways?

  • To enable secure inter-allied or inter-service communications
  • To enable secure communication between military and civilian systems
  • To enable secure communication within an organisation with different levels of sensitivity

Our secure gateways capabilities

We enable the secure exchange of data between different levels of confidentiality (upstream and downstream interconnection):

  • Modular architecture for applying exchanges policies for protected domains
  • Security labelling
  • Filtering of exchanged data (format, syntax and semantics)
  • Data harmlessness analysis
  • Quarantine and sequestration
  • Security base and network interconnection between different levels of confidentiality 

What is the future of secure gateways?

We aim to improve the efficiency of missions through the secure exchange of the right information in the right place at the right time. Developments in platform connectivity and the need to share data across domains, environments and levels are driving the growing use of embedded gateways, increasing the needs for on-board gateways.

We have the capability to implement embedded information management solutions and we are developing solutions to manage exchanges in multi-cloud combat infrastructures.

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