Tactical SOC: monitor, detect, investigate and react to cyberattacks

Improve the robustness and durability of your systems with our advanced SOC solution

Defence organisations must be prepared to monitor, detect, investigate and react to cyber attacks on all terrains. This is precisely what Airbus Defence and Space Cyber’ tactical SOC solution delivers.

It improves the robustness and durability of your systems – whether deployed during operational exercises, on the battlefield, or beyond

A unique Tactical SOC platform to answer all your cyber defence needs

  • To be deployed on theatres of operation and on national and international exercices
  • To contribute to the protection of information networks and defence systems
  • To offer detection, alert and reaction capabilities against cyberattacks
  • To assist the implementation of monitoring strategies in relation to threat awareness

We contribute to your cyber defence performance and security

  • Detection and investigation capabilities through the analysis of supervised system logs and sensors
  • Advanced network decryption, detection and investigation through probes
  • Extraction and analysis of files through Orion Malware
  • Centralised supervision with presentation and prioritisation of incidents via a business view
  • Orchestration of incident response plans through innovation capacities 
  • Strong and unique authentication of the system through CymID 
  • Integration of threat intelligence and search for Indicators of Compromission (IoC)
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Ease of use and modularity

  • Mobile caisson design for an easy deployment in theatres of operations or exercices
  • Significant modularity potential, offering the option of forming a SOC according to specific layouts, environments and location of capture points
  • Secure remote access to facilitate multi-site operations

Robustness and durability of solutions

  • Third generation Tactical SOC system provided to the Forces
  • Training courses and exercices enabling customers to take ownership of the system
  • Support for deployment and supervision
  • Hotline and MCO/MCS
  • Tapi into Airbus Defence and Space Cyber expertise as an architect and integrator of portable SOC

Our Tactical SOC has signed several contracts with the French DGA in the field of information warfare cyber defence with a first contract in 2011.

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