Autonomous vehicles, the digitisation of in-car systems, EVs and shared mobility are powering rapid innovation across the automotive sector. But as they innovate, leaders must also prioritise cyber security – as well as regulatory compliance – to avoid potentially harmful real-world consequences.

Our approach

Since hyperconnected systems are appealing targets for cyber criminals, security must be built into the entire automotive development lifecycle. Today’s automotive manufacturers need a global cyber defence approach that identifies risks, and dynamically protects, detects and responds to cyber threats – all while complying with relevant regulations, including upcoming directives like NIS2.  

With an ethos of continuous maturity improvement, here’s how our portfolio does exactly that:     

Which solution is right for you?

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We can help you identify risks and increase awareness through: 

We pride ourselves on our ‘security by design’ approach. This is part of our Airbus DNA, and is based on decades of protecting Airbus’ complex networks and systems.  

Just like Airbus’ aircraft and space-based systems, today’s automotive vehicles have complex systems architectures that require long-lasting and effective cyber security measures to be implemented in the design phase. Our approach combines traditional technical vulnerability assessments with a strong human-centric focus.  

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Our team offers highly tailored architecture design and integration and crisis and SecOps management services, specifically designed for organisations in the automotive sector.  

Additionally, we provide network, data and endpoint security through our wholly owned subsidiary, Stormshield. 

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We protect the networks of many industrial manufacturers, including in the automotive sector, with managed SOC services. Using proprietary technology, our experts monitor systems, detect attacks and help to improve organisations’ overall cyber security posture.  

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In the event of a successful breach or intrusion, our experienced incident response and forensics team will help to minimise downtime and keep your critical operations up-and-running.

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