Energy & Utilities

Digitalisation – including new smart grids and networked grid components – and the rise of decentralised renewable energy systems, have increased the potential attack surface of energy and utilities organisations.

In addition to handling hyper-connectivity and growing IT/OT convergence, cyber security leaders must also protect legacy infrastructure – all while navigating a complex regulatory landscape.

Our approach

Since hyperconnected systems are appealing targets for cyber criminals, security must be built into the entire automotive development lifecycle. Today’s automotive manufacturers need a global cyber defence approach that identifies risks, and dynamically protects, detects and responds to Our Airbus DNA is what sets us apart. Based on over three decades of protecting critical infrastructure and industrial systems, our solutions help energy and utilities customers to achieve cyber resilience for today and tomorrow.   

We’ll help you stay secure with a continuous improvement approach. In addition, our expert teams will support you in complying with all present and future regulations.   

Which solution is right for you?

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With our consultancy services, we can develop a roadmap for cyber security implementation, as well as ensuring compliance with EU 2019/553, EU 2019/941, EU 2019/943, GDPR and the incoming NIS2 directive. 

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After conceptualising the right solution for your organisation, our team can help with architecture design and integration, and crisis and SecOps management – all tailored specifically to the energy and utilities sector. 

We also provide network, data and endpoint security for remote sites – including production plants, dams, distribution networks, meters, etc. – through our wholly owned subsidiary, Stormshield. 

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Energy operations require a specialist team to monitor the health of infrastructure. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) professionals understand electricity applications (SCADA, Simulation, DMS, GMS) and industrial protocols, as well as the industry’s entire value chain. 

Protective monitoring finds any anomalies within your network and flags potential threats in real time. Our teams handle incidents based on well-established protocols that are tailored to the needs of your organisation and the severity of the incident. In the event of a power failure caused by a cyber security incident, our SOC team performs forensic analysis to determine the source of the problem and prevent it from reoccurring – thereby minimising the wider impact of a cyber attack. 

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Hit by a successful breach or intrusion? Our incident response and forensics team will manage and mitigate cyber security incidents as soon as they’re identified, enabling you to keep critical systems running.  

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