Airbus Defence and Space Cyber and KUB partner to offer the best decontamination solution for removable devices

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 11.57.59 e1630317578147Paris, September 8, 2021 – Airbus CyberSecurity announces its collaboration with KUB, the industry leader in removable device decontamination, to extend the cyber defence capabilities of KUB’s white station network beyond what can be achieved using antivirus engines alone. The partnership includes the integration of Orion Malware, Airbus CyberSecurity’s file analysis platform, which will extend the detection and analysis capabilities of KUB stations to unknown malware and threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
Designed and produced in France, KUB white stations offer analysis, decontamination, and certification solutions for all types of removable media (USB keys, external disks, phones, etc.). They combine simplicity of use for users with high technical and operational standards and are deployed to customers in strategic sectors including OIVs (Operators of Vital Importance), industry, transport, defence, public administrations and government departments.
Available in 4 formats, the stations are 100% ruggedized and developed with hardware and software with industrial performance and high operational reliability. They are adapted to business needs and compatible with the regulatory requirements of sensitive environments.

“KUB is the most complete solution on the market. Technology partnerships like this enable us to go beyond the era of traditional antivirus signatures. Airbus CyberSecurity helps us to offer our customers a strategic edge in cybersecurity by leveraging Airbus’ expertise in KUB stations. This partnership is key to our commitment to innovation, sovereignty, efficiencyand operations.”
Christophe BOUREL, CEO et co-Fondateur de KUB 

The integration of the Orion Malware file analysis platform developed by Airbus CyberSecurity enhances the detection capabilities of the KUB stations to a level of analysis that can track down the most advanced malware through the joint use of a multi-vector scanner, sandboxing technology, and artificial intelligence.

“We will provide thousands of KUB stations with amplified protection capabilities through the implementation of Orion Malware. Orion Malware will extend the detection and analysis of known and unknown threats to bring the level of protection offered by KUB stations to the highest level of cybersecurity requirements.”
Eric CHAMBAREAU, Directeur de l’Ingénierie France d’Airbus CyberSecurity

At the forefront of the latest innovations and research, and already in service protecting institutional and private clients, Orion Malware works like a malware detonation chamber. It combines the best static and dynamic detection engines to detect the stealthiest malware. Orion also incorporates artificial intelligence to improve the classification of detected malware, including those that are still unknown. Orion Malware’s capabilities and efficiency are continuously enriched and updated with data from Airbus CyberSecurity’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) in the Paris region, which is qualified as a PDIS (security incident detection service provider) by the ANSSI.
Information systems in companies and institutions regularly face cyber-attacks based on malware unintentionally introduced by employees when using USB media, jeopardising the continuity of their activities. To prevent this major risk, which accounts for a significant portion of infections, it is essential to be able to detect and eliminate threats by ensuring regular decontamination of removable devices that are used in organisations. The installation of white stations in the workspaces allows a simple and complete securing of these supports while educating the personnel to the stakes of cybersecurity.
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