Cloud Security

Across all industries, organisations are moving their applications, systems and data to the cloud – often in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Adopting a cloud-first strategy provides scalability, creates economies of scale and improves collaboration and innovation.

However, since there is no fixed perimeter, cloud adoption also creates a more complex cyber threat landscape for leaders to navigate – exacerbated by ongoing data sovereignty and compliance concerns.

Our approach

At Airbus CyberSecurity, transport – particularly aerospace – is in our DNA. We’ve honed our cyber security expertise through decades of protecting Airbus’ complex systems. Now, our mission is to guarantee the operational resilience of all our customers, whilst ensuring they comply with relevant regulations.  

We safeguard systems and minimise disruption with our <innovative> cyber security products and services. Our solutions can be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.  

Which solution is right for you?

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Identify and assess your cloud risks with our consultancy and training services, including:  

  • Cyber security <governance, risk and compliance> advice
  • Risk and maturity assessments 
  • The <CyberRange> simulation and training platform 
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Secure your cloud environments and networks with:  

  • <Architecture, design and integration> services 
  • <Crisis and SecOps management> 
  • Network, data and endpoint security services 
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To avoid serious disruption, ensure you efficiently find and mitigate threats in your cloud environments through:  

  • <SOC protective monitoring> for IT/OT environments  
  • <SOC design, build, enhance> services 
  • <Cyber threat intelligence> 
  • <Penetration testing> and <red teaming> 
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Our <incident response and digital forensics> team will quickly and effectively respond to security incidents in the cloud. Once an incident is contained, they will support you with mitigation strategies and an ethos of continuous maturity improvement. 

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