Architecture Design and Integration

IT and OT security services and solutions

Thanks to continuing digital transformation and increasing connectivity, both IT and OT systems are becoming more exposed to cyber attacks.

Based on our extensive experience of protecting government and defence organisations, critical infrastructure and industrial systems, we offer various solutions that help customers achieve cyber resilience for today and tomorrow.

Our experts know that the foundation of both IT and OT security is a comprehensive inventory of all assets and their risks. Our asset discovery and asset management consultancy services provide you with this vital information, which can then act as a springboard for further collaboration.

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Need help with IT and OT architecture design?

We offer a secure architecture design service. Tailored to each customer’s unique requirements, this can include:

  • Designing security into the front end of your infrastructure or platform
  • Supporting major systems integration exercises to identify open vulnerabilities

To ensure the security of both your digital and physical assets, our expert team also provides full security design assurance services, including advising on:

  • Facility design
  • The integration of cyber and physical security
  • Obtaining relevant accreditation

Implementing your IT and OT security solution

We can help you implement both turnkey and bespoke cyber security solutions. Our security integration service includes OT staging, OT cyber stress testing, and practical training for your team.

This typically involves:

  • Assessing the benefits of a specific solution
  • Thoroughly evaluating your chosen product
  • Exploring the use of new security equipment and procedures in a realistic simulation of your IT and OT environments, using our CyberRange platform
  • Evaluating and validating your SOC detection rules
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