Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Understand the hidden vulnerabilities and potential exploits in your systems

The development of increasingly complex IT systems and connected OT technology can lead to gaps in organisations’ overall security architecture. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so it’s crucial to locate any potential vulnerabilities.

Our technical audit and penetration testing services enable you to assess your organisation’s security using the same tools and techniques as your adversaries. Our expert teams provide threat assessments tailored to specific assets and industries.

Plus, our penetration test reports don’t just outline what’s wrong. They offer a clear and actionable roadmap of how to remedy any gaps and vulnerabilities.

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How cyber aware is your workforce?

We can help you find out. A social engineering penetration test is a mock attack, designed to test your employees’ information security behaviour and awareness. Typically, Airbus CyberSecurity consultants pose as fellow employees or trusted figures to conduct this test.

Social engineering pentests have numerous benefits, including:

  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of your organisation’s information security
  • Revealing an accurate picture of your employees’ cyber security awareness
  • Testing compliance with your information security policies
  • Educating employees on the nature of potential cyber threats
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