Digital Risk Protection

Take control of your digital footprint

If left unmanaged, a successful cyber attack can leave your organisation exposed to regulatory fines, reputational damage and loss of intellectual property. After a breach occurs, internal security leaders often lack sufficient external visibility to accurately assess the full risk landscape.

How can we help?

Our digital risk protection solution protects against external threats, continually finds where your assets have been exposed and helps you to understand potential remediation options by:

  • Condensing your internet footprint
  • Detecting data loss
  • Identifying and preparing for phishing campaigns
  • Taking down fraudulent websites

The solution is an easy-to-use search engine that combines structured technical data with content from the open, deep, and dark web. The powerful syntax and configurable alerts enable you to quickly investigate security incidents and identify adversaries.

Why Airbus CyberSecurity?

  • Our solution is industry leading, with unrivalled coverage and expertise
  • We offer managed fraudulent website takedown as standard, with a qualification service and deep investigations also available
  • No limit on IP addresses, keywords and users
  • Compliant with all relevant regulation, including GDPR
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