SOC: Design, build, enhance

Support to design and build your in-house security operations centre


Across all industries, hyperconnectivity is now the norm. Real-time data exchange and the adoption of digital and cloud-based technologies have streamlined business processes – but also increased cyber threats. Well-resourced attackers are now using sophisticated methods to target organisations. And the effects – from endpoint attacks through to infrastructure and industry-specific threats – can be devastating.

How can we help?

To manage the current threat landscape, more organisations are choosing to build their own SOC. And our experienced architects can help.

Accustomed to thinking like an adversary, they can advise you on the best detection technologies to suit your specific circumstances, even under national-eye-only constraints. We can also help with the installation and configuration, testing and transition of your security monitoring tools.

Why Airbus CyberSecurity?

  • We’re the sovereign European choice, trusted by governments, defence, Airbus and critical business
  • We can build SOCs that meet military constraints and strict global regulations
  • With 900 specialists, we have 20+ years of cyber experience
  • We can protect your critical assets from all threats, from ransomware to advanced persistent threats and beyond
  • We’re an elite Splunk partner, with more than 50 certified engineers across Europe
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