SOC: Protective Monitoring

24/7 end-to-end cyber protection across your whole value chain


As your organisation becomes more interconnected, unique cyber threats will appear at each stage of your value chain. From endpoint attacks through to infrastructure and industry-specific threats – the volume and sophistication of attacks is increasing steadily.

How can we help?

We protect our customers from both known and unknown cyber threats. Our comprehensive end-to-end SOC services are delivered from secure premises in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. They include:

Managed detection and response (MDR): Complete detection visibility and continual monitoring of known and unknown threats. Our expert teams identify threats, as well as designing and implementing a suitable response using:

  • AI and ML-based behaviour analysis for unparalleled detection of unknown threats
  • Automated data processing to save time and minimise costs
  • Flexible integration with your on-premises and cloud-based assets and existing security solutions

Threat intelligence: Our threat intelligence teams proactively gather information about cyber threats and threat actors. This involves shared intelligence, threat hunting and Dark Web monitoring.

Innovation: Continuous research and development is crucial to staying one step ahead of cyber attackers. Thanks to our dedicated innovation teams, we can anticipate our customers’ future SOC and MDR needs.

Why Airbus CyberSecurity

  • We provide true end-to-end protection, going with you through each step of your cyber security journey
  • Our Airbus DNA and unparalleled experience securing industrial systems is what makes us unique
  • From legacy networks to single <cloud> solutions and hybrid or multi-cloud environments, we offer cyber protection for all your needs
  • We’re the sovereign European choice, working with EU institutions, defence organisations and critical national infrastructure
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