Vulnerability Management

Identify software vulnerabilities before attackers

As your organisation becomes more interconnected, the complexity of your software systems grows – and so does the potential for hidden vulnerabilities.

With our vulnerability management as-a-service solution, our highly experienced experts help you stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals. We will find and mitigate your organisation’s software vulnerabilities before attackers can take advantage.

How can we help?

Active vulnerability management

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We can own the entire process of identifying, classifying, prioritising, remediating, and mitigating software vulnerabilities. This is known as active vulnerability management.

Our market-leading vulnerability scanner technology is purpose-built to remotely analyse IT/OT systems in search of known vulnerabilities. Using this tool, we deliver a comprehensive service that will continuously update you on any system vulnerabilities. And when a vulnerability is found, we help you build a remediation plan.

Why Airbus CyberSecurity?
  • Our service includes infrastructure and webapp security
  • We provide passive and active remote scanning capabilities, available both internally and externally
  • We can help with both inventorying and security baselining
  • We offer prioritised remediation – so the most serious vulnerabilities are addressed first

Passive vulnerability management

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As part of this service, our experienced team follows-up vulnerabilities, rescores them and delivers an impact assessment.

Why Airbus CyberSecurity?
  • We use our own technology and in-house team to deliver a comprehensive vulnerability qualification service
  • We provide contextual analysis, risk evaluation and customised bulletins for your specific environment
  • Our proprietary SaaS platform is easy to set up and use
  • Hosted in France, we’re the sovereign European choice
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