Operational Technology

Connected operational technology systems in the industrial manufacturing, aerospace and transport, automotive and energy and utilities sectors are paving the way for greater efficiency, flexibility and visibility.

However, IT/OT systems are increasingly vulnerable to the very tangible threat of cyber attacks.

Our approach

We offer a range of modular solutions to protect our customers’ systems today, as well as helping them achieve long-term cyber resilience.

Our portfolio is tailored to the needs of critical infrastructure, industrial systems and shop floors. With decades of experience protecting Airbus’ complex systems and networks, these are environments with which we are very familiar.

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A trusted partner

Cyber resilience in the aviation sector

Watch this video to learn how we’ve helped Airbus reinforce the cyber resilience of its manufacturing environments.

Protecting the factory of the future

As Airbus implements more connected IT/OT technologies, find out how we’re helping to secure its manufacturing facilities.

The European EUREKA Programme

As part of the European EUREKA programme’s ITEA cluster, we’re working with 28 industrial and research partners from seven countries to find new ways of protecting the factory of the future.

The project, known as CyberFactory#1, aims to design, develop, integrate and demonstrate a set of enabling capabilities to foster optimisation and resilience.

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OT Security


Gain visibility of your critical assets and receive recommendations to mitigate the identified risks


Improve your OT security controls with tailored consulting, training and design & integration services


Protective monitoring and continuous improvements of your security controls based on tailored managed security services

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