EADS CASSIDIAN announce the creation of “Cassidian CyberSecurity”

New company will target fast-growing cyber security market across Europe
Cassidian CyberSecurity offering aimed at protecting governments, national agencies, strategic industries and critical infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated threats
Rapid growth strategy with a sales target of above € 500 million to be achieved by 2017
EADS Cassidian are to create a new dedicated business, Cassidian CyberSecurity, entirely devoted to addressing the fast-growing cyber security market across Europe and Middle East, with an initial focus on Germany, the United Kingdom and France. By gathering together all of the cyber security expertise existing within the EADS Group, Cassidian CyberSecurity intends to establish itself as a key dedicated player in this market with substantial critical mass.
In order to provide appropriate responses to the specific demands of the French, British and German sovereignty, the business of Cassidian CyberSecurity will initially be entrusted to three dedicated national companies under the umbrella of a global cyber security organisation. These dynamic and agile structures will retain their strong national character and will enable the development of a circle of trusted partners in Europe in order to better serve governments, national agencies, strategic industries, and critical infrastructures, and to make the most of synergies between the countries.
Cassidian CyberSecurity’s portfolio of products and services is built upon three pillars:
Cyber Defence & Professional Services, aimed at providing high-level professional services (such as attack analysis and response, risk management, audits of security infrastructure architectures) and implementing operation centres dedicated to security supervision of Scada and IT systems. These security operation centres, enabling the provision of remote-operated cyber security services, will be based [initially] in the three launch countries of France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Trusted Infrastructure, for implementing national and European high-security trusted solutions and developing technologies (e.g. cryptography, digital identity management) in accordance with regulatory and national sovereignty requirements.
Secure Mobility, to provide next generation security products and services for industry and governments in the form of mobile equipment (voice, data, applications) and deployable communication nodes.
“Stefan Zoller, CEO of Cassidian, commented: “The creation of Cassidian CyberSecurity reinforces Cassidian’s strategy in security, in which it already has strong dedicated capabilities. This market segment is very dynamic and we expect significant growth.”
The cyber security sector is experiencing a dramatic rise in the number and level of sophistication of threats, covering attacks from nation states, through to terrorist groups, “hacktivists”, criminal gangs and more conventional hackers. In 2010, this market was estimated at € 50 billion.
Hervé Guillou, CEO of Cassidian CyberSecurity, explains: “The creation of Cassidian CyberSecurity offers dedicated national entities, able to build trust-based relationships with national agencies, industries and critical infrastructure operators initially within our three launch countries of France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Being a pure player will enable us to adopt a strategic position in Europe – first of all with our existing customers, who are looking to work with trusted experts fully aware of the latest threats.
In order to support its ramp-up, Cassidian CyberSecurity will be creating a cyber training centre.The need for highly qualified experts in this field is growing rapidly and Cassidian CyberSecurity aims to attract this young talent and improve their level of expertise.
This growth strategy will also encompass strategic acquisitions to obtain new skills, secure key sovereign technologies in Europe and achieve critical mass in the European market. The aim is to reach sales of above € 500 million by 2017.
A dedicated Research and Development effort will underpin the new organisation and 20% of the company’s planned investment will be devoted to R&D.
The cyber security work of Cassidian has already scored a number of successes in 2011: in France with the SPATIONAV V2 maritime surveillance programme, and also SAPHIR NG, the extended network serving all units of the national gendarmerie force; in Germany, the armed forces are using Secure Exchange Gateway (SECCOM®) operationally. This is a high grade security solution for secure data exchange between different classified networks. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, ECTOCRYP® cryptographic solutions are being used by the British government and were recently chosen by a Middle Eastern government as well to support critical security requirements.

About EADS (

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2011, the Group – comprising Airbus, Astrium, Cassidian and Eurocopter – generated revenues of € 49.1 billion and employed a workforce of over 133,000.


Cassidian, an EADS company, is a worldwide leader in global security solutions and systems, providing Lead Systems Integration and value-added products and services to civil and military customers around the globe: air systems (aircraft and unmanned aerial systems), land, naval and joint systems, intelligence and surveillance, cyber security, secure communications, test systems, missiles, services and support solutions. In 2011, Cassidian – with around 28,000 employees – achieved revenues of € 5.8 billion. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2011, the Group – comprising Airbus, Astrium, Cassidian and Eurocopter – generated revenues of € 49.1 billion and employed a workforce of more than 133,000.
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