Simulation and Training

There’s no better way to test your organisation’s preparedness for a cyber attack than through simulation and training exercises. From equipping your internal cyber security team with the tools to simulate realistic attacks, to training all employees on basic cyber awareness, we can support all your cyber education needs.

Training for cyber professionals

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  • Led by our team of experts, ethical hacking sessions offer your staff insights into the mind of a hacker, equipping them with a better understanding of how cyber attackers target systems
  • From executive management to IT administrators and system operators, cyber security exercises expose your employees to realistic attack scenarios. Testing your existing processes, measures and plans helps employees uncover potential weaknesses, in turn increasing their knowledge and preparedness for IT and OT attacks
  • We provide cyber crisis management training, using the CyberRange platform as a learning tool, along with the support an experienced consultant

Training for wider audiences

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  • Cyber awareness training aims to create a culture of threat awareness in your organisation. Led by our cyber experts, sessions can be tailored to all audiences (e.g. executive board, IT department, graduates) and customised for your organisation’s specific threat level
  • OT awareness training equips your employees with the expertise to effectively minimise connected OT failures, while meeting compliance requirements and building synergies between existing security measures. Depending on your organisation’s needs, this can include live-hacking sessions, incident games and hands-on workshops using the CyberRange platform
  • We can support your internal cyber awareness training programme by developing tailored e-learning materials
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Our CyberRange platform is an advanced simulation solution that allows you to easily model IT and OT systems, as well as simulating realistic scenarios like file exchange, email, web traffic and cyber attacks.

It enables users to perform complex and security-critical operations in an environment isolated from production systems. CyberRange is available in a mobile box, in a bay, or accessible via the cloud.

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