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Meet Guillemette, our Project Manager

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After three years of preparatory classes to attend IMT Atlantique, Guillemette joined Airbus for a six-month internship as a project manager. She then secured a full-time position in the same role and has been working in the company for four years.

Guillemette currently works on various projects, including the European Cyber Situational Awareness Plaform (ECYSAP), a European operational platform which aims to develop and implement innovative theoretical foundations, methods and research prototypes.

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What is your role within Airbus CyberSecurity?

I am a project manager in Airbus CyberSecurity. As a project manager, my role is to ensure that contracts are delivered on time, to a high standard and on budget.

Can you talk about your professional journey?

After High School, I did three years of preparatory classes in order to integrate an elite engineering university named IMT Atlantique, based in Brittany. Here I studied data science and information system management.

After that, I have done a six-month internship at Airbus as a project manager, which allowed me to be hired as a project manager four years ago.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

There are two major things I enjoy in my job. The first thing is innovation because I work on research projects and, in cyber security, attackers are always looking for a new vulnerability to exploit. So companies as Airbus CyberSecurity have to reinvent themselves every day.
And the second is collaborating with other European countries and companies, because it allows me to discover other ways of working and also to travel around Europe.

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to work in cyber?

I will advise people to be curious and to be motivated to learn new things. Things move fast in cyber security, so you have to work hard to stay up to date.

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