Would you have guessed?

The Framework Contract has now been running for four years, delivering services and products to many of you. But do you know how many years are left? What about the total amount engaged by the EU-I? Or how many people of the Consortium work every day to meet your expectations?

Read on to discover some of the key statistics for the EU Cyber Program:

EU Cyber LogoEU Cyber Program

This is the nickname that corresponds to UCA-16/047 = Network Defence Capabilities Framework Contract, the official name of the contract awarded to the Airbus – Atos consortium

We also designed a logo to give the Program a visual identity, used in all of our communication materials.

Which of the two names do you remember best?


The number of EU Institutions having direct access to the Contract to order any kind of cyber security service or product.

6 + 1 + 1

The Framework Contract was awarded in 2017 for an initial duration of six years, with two optional years.

Should this extension be awarded, the Program would now be at mid-life and end in 2025: meaning there is still plenty of time for you to make the best use of it!


The volume ordered by the EU-I as part of the Program, after just over four years.

With the huge and growing needs of the EU-I, the annual volume has increased over the four years to reach 50M€ in 2020.


The number of specific contracts signed in 2020. This means that over two contracts were signed each working day on average.

Before reaching this point, it represents hundreds of service requests per year prepared by the EU-I, analysed by the Consortium team, offers elaborated and often involving at least one supplier.

Unsurprisingly, the last quarter of the year is the busiest one, with 5 – 10 contracts signed every day!

Today, most of the contracts are still signed manually “with blue ink” as digital signatures are not yet accepted by the majority of the EU-I. Some EU-I have adopted it since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis and this trend is very likely to continue, speeding up the signature process – not to mention protecting the planet, as it is paperless.

More than 1,800 invoices were sent to the EU-I during the year and a close number was received from suppliers and partners, i.e. about 8 per day: accounting departments of all stakeholders are not really idle!


The number of vendors referenced in the products catalogue of the Program – and this number is constantly growing! Either in push mode, when the Consortium identifies a vendor who could be of significant interest for the EU-I; or in pull mode, when an EU-I request a product from a vendor not yet referenced. At least one product of nearly all of these vendors has been procured by an EU-I.

If you need a specific product that is not yet in the catalogue: just ask us!

In addition, the training catalogue references 35 vendors, from the worldwide leader (the SANS Institute) to interesting alternatives and to product specific trainings. The training catalogue evolves the same way as the product one and in addition, upon request, the Consortium can also customise, create training to meet specific needs or even support the elaboration of complete training programs.


The number of countries where services and products have been delivered so far. No doubt more will come.


The size of the Consortium Program team, who work every day to develop the best possible understanding of the needs of the EU-I – and to manage service requests from the early phases to the last invoice.

This engaged team thrives to meet your expectation at all stages, constantly monitoring the feedback given by the EU-I and acting on it where needed with a continuous improvement mindset.

2020s efforts to improve have led to a very strong increase of EU-I satisfaction, reaching 3.8 / 4 at the end of the year.

Feedback is a gift – and we would like to thank those of you who have provided us with it, as well as encourage others to do likewise.

Of course, there is still room for improvement and you can count on us to continue working on it.


How do you feel about the above statistics? Is there anything that struck you as surprising?

Let us know – your Key Account Manager is always happy to further exchange with you.

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